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Happy Valentine’s Day!



Originally Posted: 03/13/2011

Leo Buscaglia~Kindness Quotations
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

You never know when something you have said or done has made all the difference in someone else’s life so it is important to live a life with honesty, integrity, kindness, compassion and understanding for other people from all walks of life.
Try not to judge because unless you have walked a mile in their shoes and experienced all the aspects of their life experience you may not truly understand the place they are coming from.
Sometimes the grouchiest people are only getting YOU before you get THEM and it is the only way they know to keep all the people they can’t trust at arms length. Sadly that sometimes also keeps the people they may be able to trust , or who may be able to change their lives with one small touch or word or act of caring at arms length also.
Remember, some people build walls to keep people out but, sometimes they build those walls to see who cares enough to get past them, around them, through them.

We should all strive to be people who break down walls…gently. 🙂

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Second Chances

Originally Posted: 02/18/2011
There are many second chances in life for many people and many things.
Broken things that have been fixed have a second chance.
Pets who have been abandoned and rescued have a second chance.
A person with cancer that has gone into remission has a second chance.
An alcoholic who has become sober has a second chance.
A person who has lost a job and found a new one has a second chance.
A person that has survived an accident or other tragedy has a second chance.
A person who has been stuck in a dark and dangerous life and left it behind for a new beginning has a second chance.
A cheater who has broken his/her spouses heart, repented and been forgiven has a second chance.
A friend who has betrayed trust and friendship and been forgiven has a second chance.
A drug addict who has gotten clean and straight has a second chance.
A person who has been stuck in an abusive relationship and breaks FREE has a second chance.
A person who has had some kind of organ transplant has a second chance.
A criminal who has paid his debt in prison time has a second chance.
A parent who has not ben the best role model for many reasons can be forgiven and have a second chance.
A child that has made a mistake can learn from it and have a second chance.

Really in life, we are all children making mistakes and learning from them every day. Sometimes it is difficult to get past our own hurts and mistrust to GIVE that second chance to someone who we perceive has wronged us in some way but, perhaps we should just try to think about whether or not we would want THEM to forgive us if we had done the wrong. We should try to have the courage to FORGIVE them and ourselves and open the door to
second chances because maybe a deeper commitment, a deeper understanding, deeper compassion, deeper intimacy, deeper friendship can come from having the strength to BE open and trying to move forward.
Sometimes letting go, moving on and saying goodbye is a second chance also because sometimes we are not strong enough to work through the pain or mistrust to find the deeper meaning of our connection.
People need each other but, many of us need the integrity and trust of a committed and whole…UNBROKEN relationship because sometimes second chances are difficult to GIVE. For some, being GIVEN a second chance is even difficult because of fearing whether or not we are strong enough to uphold our part in it. Maybe guilt, misunderstanding of ourselves and others, or the belief that we are not good enough or capable of keeping our word leads to the failure of doing so. We believe we don’t deserve a second chance therefore we never fully
embrace it with the depth and gratitude we should in order to truly appreciate it and honour it.

I BELIEVE in second chances but, I have a very hard time ever giving them to a person I don’t think is really sorry for whatever wrong they have done to me. If you are insincere in your repentence I doubt you will be forgiven. I have to know that you understand and truly MEAN the things that you say to me.
I have given second chances many times and thirds and more but I have also had to let go and walk away from people too. YOU are the only person who can know whether keeping someone or letting them go is the best thing for YOU. You only have to search inside your own heart to know this truth but, if you find that giving a second chance might be the answer then just embrace the fact that it may be difficult and is definitely a process but DO it
with your whole heart and you may just be rewarded with an even deeper connection to someone who challenges you, engages you, mirrors you, or just makes you better than you were before!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Originally Posted: 02/12/2011

(My friend’s group on Facebook-feel free to join the group and the discussion!)
Who is Valentine, what does he stand for, what is Valentine day to you and how do you feel it
should be celebrated???

Saint Valentine is the name of several martyred saints of ancient Rome.
A brief, probably little known history of Valentine’s Day is that the Valentine it was based on is relatively unknown except that he was a martyr and buried at the Via Flaminia north of Rome in Italy.
It is also unknown whether the feast of Valentine’s was to celebrate him or another of the martyred saints with the same name.
Valentine was a Roman priest who was martyred during the reign of Claudius II. He was arrested and imprisoned for helping Christians and marrying them which was illegal at the time because they were being persecuted by Claudius.
Many of the current myths and legends about St. Valentine were invented by the writer Geoffrey Chaucer and his circle of friends in England in the fourteenth century. This is when the day first became synonymous with romantic love.

Valentine’s to me is a Lover’s Day…a day to celebrate the love that you have found and share and maybe a day for those who are less expressive to actually be able to express their love.
Some people who may not express their love in a very strong open, way usually may use the opportunity of Valentine’s Day to do something much MORE than they would generally do.
I think maybe that is the true nature of the day.

We have never done anything extremely special on this day. Quite often special for us is just to go out for a nice dinner together and sometimes we exchange a little gift.
The usual gifts like chocolates, stuffed love animals, cinnamon hearts or other candy are common things we might give each other. Ocassionally we will cook each other a nice dinner and drink some wine and listen to music and just enjoy time with each other. Once in awhile hubby will even buy me a bouquet of flowers to make me happy because I LOVE flowers. This is NOT a usual gift because really hubby thinks flowers are weeds and can never understand why I love something that just dies in a week.
The point for me then is that he doesn’t understand, he doesn’t care about them but, he loves me enough to know that I do and will buy them for me just to see me smiling and happy.
That is a lovefest in my home! 😉

For me though Valentine’s Day was NEVER just for my significant other but, also an opportunity to share with the other special people in my life.
I always enjoyed sending little valentine’s to my friends and family as small expressions of my love for them.
I also enjoyed making special Valentine’s or love notes for my children and putting them into their lunch bags as a surprise at school. Sometimes I would include a little chocolate heart or some cinnamon heart candies as well.

I am aware that Valentine’s Day, like many other holidays is for some people a very sad and depressing day.
Their attention is all focused on the fact that they are alone and don’t have a lover to share life with.
I suggest that if that is the state of your life maybe instead of worrying about what you don’t have you think about the things you do have or the most important people to you and do something special for THEM.
My best friend did this for me one year and it is my most memorable Valentine’s Day and touched me very deeply. I had been married and divorced and it was my first Valentine’s alone since being with someone so I was a little sad and depressed myself. So she came over to visit me and brought me a bouquet of yellow sweetheart roses with her. It was so sweet and thoughtful that she was thinking of me that day and it was a very bright spot in a dark period of time for me.
So REALLY, I suggest if you are sad and depressed find someone you care about and SHARE THE LOVE anyway! You NEVER know just how special you might make someone’s day!
Many of us bring our game face, the brave life-is-really-ok-and-I’m-really-ok-too face out into the world on days like this. We don’t show how sad or upset or miserable we really feel down deep inside because we don’t want to spoil the day for anyone else. Or maybe we don’t want to admit that we also care about such a day and would also enjoy the little bits of love and affections that are part of it for so many others.
So…if you know anyone who is alone or lonely I would like to suggest that you share some love with them too.
EVERYONE needs some kind of loving whether it be a hug, a little note of appreciation, or just a smile.
SHARE the LOVE people! Not only will you make someone’s day, you might just make your own as well! 🙂